if now was somewhere else


«if now was somewhere else» was a Live-Audio-Walk crossing bridges. The walk took place simultaneously in Zurich, Hamburg and Hong-Kong on May 13th, 2015. In the course of 20 Minutes, three narrators aurally guided the spectators across the following bridges: Duttweilerbrücke in Zurich, Baakenhafenbrücke in Hamburg and the Circular Bridge in Hong Kong.

Artists involved in the project
Team Zurich:
Laura Ferrara, Benjamin Jagdmann, Désirée Meul, Charlotte Sarrazin
Sound: Benjamin Pogonatos, Narrator: Monika Hölzl

Team Hamburg:
Marie Celeste Knop, Mara von Zitzewitz
Narrator: Franziska Möckel

Team Hong Kong:
Cheuk Wing Nam, Siddharth Choudhary, Lau Ming Wai
Narrator: Lau Ming Wai
Thanks to  Z+ „playground“ for the support, the participants and connecting-space Zurich-Hong Kong.